Want To Make DIY Cat & Dog Toys? Try These 5 Easy Ideas!

If you have a cat that’s always inquisitive or a dog that likes to destroy toys as a hobby, it’s probably a smart idea to make a few easy DIY toys for them. There are many online stores that sell toys for pets, besides dog treats and food, but sometimes, it’s hard to find the right kind that is budget-friendly. Here are some fun, easy and smart DIY you can make at home with minimal things. Tug toys. Making a tug toy is really simple. All you need to grab is your standard tennis ball and an old tee. Cover the tennis ball with the tee/t-shirt, and seal it inside. Now, cut the remaining tee into small fringes. You can choose to braid the fringes together, or simply roll them together and close at the end. A tug toy is ready for your dog and you to have some fun with. Squishy

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