What is Clumping Cat Litter

For the cat owners, cat litter is very important to put their darling cat in a comfort zone. Before the latter half of the 90s, cat litter box was used to be filled with sand, soil, and plant savings, but cleaning such materials was very boring and disgusting for the cat owners. A few years before this century, scientists were able to discover clay that clumped when it came in contact with water and moisture. This makes it easier to segregate and sweep this type of material waste. Different Types of Cat Litter Box There are two types of cat litter boxes - Clumping and Non-Clumping. Clumping litter is a litter box where waste (urine) becomes clumps in the form of lumps. Non-clumping is the kind of litter box where the wastes are not clamped together but separated, despite being soaked in

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Clumping Cat Litters – Why They Are So Popular

Car litter technology has evolved a lot to become much improved and hassle-free if compared to the old-age option. The modern-day cat litter control system – clumping cat litter, for example – is far better in terms of cleaning and odor control. It’s one of the long-term and popular cat litter box solutions available in the market. How It Words With massive and magical improvement in technology, clumping is more effective these days and does not break apart. The harder structure makes it easier for pet owners to clean boxes, reduce or remove odor as litter is encapsulated usually with odor-controlling elements in clay and so can be eliminated completely. Usually a slotted scoop is run through the box and clumps are sifted out to dump into a trash receptacle. Advantages of Clumping Litte

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