Pet Food

Providing the Right Seed for your Poultry

If you’re fortunate enough to have the facilities available to mix your own feeds you can consider looking into the providing the best seed for your poultry through poultry straights for mixing your own at home. Looking from the chicken’s perspective, the best mix would be providing a variety of nutrients to help them grow happy and healthy. Purchasing poultry straights gives you the option to add the best mix for your chickens, particularly if they’re layer hens. If you’re looking for the best products for your chickens, check out advice forums from reputable retailers such as Wynnstay for more information. Layer Feed Layer feed has enough nutrients and proteins to meet the dietary requirements of a layer chicken to encourage top quality laying. Ensure that your layer feed is only given

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What to Know About Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety in dogs is very common. You have probably heard a lot of pet parents complain about their dogs being destructive or nervous and whiny when alone. Some dogs can end up urinating, barking, howling, chewing, or trying to escape the house! Fortunately, this is treatable and preventable, with the proper technique and using the right supplies (like a calming pet bed from PetSwag!). That said, what is separation anxiety in dogs in the first place? About Separation Anxiety in Dogs Separation anxiety occurs when dogs are hyper-attached to their owner, so they become very stressed once left alone. It’s more than just whining and/or some mischief when leaving. This is a very serious condition and one reason why pet owners give their pets up. These are the signs of separation an

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Dog Training

How to Use Toys as Rewards for Training

Does your dog love to play? Does he love it to the point that he isn’t motivated by treats during your training sessions? Or are you looking into training your dogs without food at all? Yes, it is possible to reward your dogs with something else other than food, and that’s through playtime! Pet toys from reputable stores like Peggasus Pets are effective when training your dog. This won’t only give you the option to reward your dog without treats, but it builds a positive relationship with him, too. This article will tackle tips on how you can use toys as rewards during training sessions. Why Train with Toys? Why train with toys in the first place? Toys will provide a ton of benefits dog treats can’t. When you use toys, trainers and dog owners transform training and practice sessions i

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