Dog Training

How Are Personal Protection Dogs Trained?

If you're considering getting a personal protection dog, there's a lot you need to know about both the animal and the people who trained it. You need the background and breeding of the dog, along with the training methods and background of whoever did the training. We'll focus on the training here. There's a lot that goes into the training of personal protection training, and what follows covers the basics. Level I Training Level I training is the most basic level of training for personal protection dogs. it means they're trained to be social companions for a family, and this level of training also means the dog can live safely with children and other pets. These dogs are also trained to handle being on leash or off, and that includes being compliant and obedient in either situation.

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Pet Care

7 Types Of Food For Pet Birds

Pets are a great way to spice up your homestead. They help teach children key life skills such as; responsibility, trust, compassion, respect, and patience. Adults also benefit from the companionship offered by pets while reducing loneliness and the likeliness of getting depression attacks. Birds make great pets and the pet owner must learn how to manage and feed them. There are several varieties of birds you can keep as pets depending on whether they are caged in the home or living in your garden. Owing to their living conditions, the type of bird food you give your pets plays an important role in their health and nutrition. The variety of feed ranges from; seeds, nuts, dried fruits, cereals, and a variety of insects. Whatever you decide to feed your pet birds, always ensure it’s fresh.

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