If you are going away for business or you have a holiday booked with the family, you will need a quality boarding kennel if your dog is not going along. Today’s boarding kennels have a range of quality facilities including swimming pools, grooming services, exercise zones and more. Some kennels even use suites instead of cages, so your dog gets the comfort it deserves.

When choosing a kennel, look for these features.

Attentive Staff

What makes a dog boarding kennel so good? Although there are many factors, the staff are arguably the most important piece of the puzzle. Companies who offer dog boarding in Sydney have attentive, professional staff all over the facility.

Before choosing a place, look and see how the staff interact with the animals. Do they seem interested? Do they have a genuine love of animals? It is vitally important to have your dog looked after by a person who cares about them.


Dogs need to exercise, if the facility does not have enough space, your pet will not get the physical activity they crave. When choosing a boarding kennel, make sure the place has wide open spaces for your dog to run around. While viewing the facility, ask the staff about exercising times. Your dog should be getting out twice a day for some play time.

Clean Kennels

You must check out the kennels before you choose a boarding service. The sleeping area should be kept in an excellent condition. If you are not happy with the kennels, you should look for another company. If they do not pay attention to the kennels, what other services will be below par?

Access to Vets

If something goes wrong with your dog while you are on holiday, who will take care of them? Every dog boarding kennel should have a trained veterinarian on-site or close to the facility. If the vet is not in the centre, they should be in close proximity. Your dog cannot wait for a long time if they need medical attention, so ask the facility about veterinarians.

There are many things to look for when choosing a dog kennel. If you want your dog to be happy, safe, and secure in their surroundings, you must select a facility that offers first-class services. The boarding kennel should be well-kept and full of happy dogs. It must also have professional staff and a spacious exercise area.